Instructions: This is how you easily fix broken MMS messages on your Xiaomi smartphone - Xiaomi Planet

Instructions: This way you can easily fix broken MMS messages on your Xiaomi smartphone

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Hello, I followed these instructions exactly, but it still can't send me an MMS without using data. Can you please give me, or all of us, another guide so that the "big sms" and MMS finally work the way they should through the use of mobile data, wifi?!? well thank you


MMS does not work without mobile data.


Hello, how do I set it up when I have Telekom? well thank you


Hello, according to the following parameters:

Valko Branislav

It's okay that MMS only works over mobile data. But until now, it had worked for me so much that I didn't even know it was burning. They remained off after sending the MMS. I didn't have to check to see if I turned them off. Is it possible to set it up in Xiaomi as well? I simply sent an MMS and didn't handle mobile data.


This is exactly as Branislav said. E.g. in the Xiaomi Mi 9T model, sending and receiving mms works without turning mobile data or wi-fi on and off. But e.g. in the newer Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite, it no longer works this way, even if everything is set up according to your instructions. The error is probably somewhere else. Can it be set at all? Because it's a step backwards.


He won't. This is how it works in new phones. Older models apparently automatically forced mobile data to be turned on in the background, newer models can't do without them.


Thanks for your reply. I assumed it would be like that. Sincerely.