Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro Review: A true flagship killer

[REVIEWS] Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro is a true flagship killer. We recommend it by all ten

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  1. Rob Kon writes:

    infrared? really?

  2. Marek Stepanovsky writes:

    Hello, does anyone happen to know when the 8gb / 256gb version will be available in our country?

  3. Libor Melich writes:

    Missing wireless charging… oh why not put there ?? For me it is an element without which I would not buy a mobile phone, for me a big minus: / but otherwise the machine is proper na

  4. Azalyx writes:

    The phone is good, just has annoying automatic brightness control. In complete darkness, or dim light, it lowers the brightness to such a minimum that nothing can be read. Android in this version, should be able to learn your brightness settings, but xiaomi has somehow perfected it and it doesn't work. I hope that with 10 comes a fix.

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