Amaztfit Balance is the manufacturer's first watch with contactless payments
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Amazfit Balance watches finally support contactless payments, they also work in Slovakia

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Good evening, I have it Xiaomi 12t pro And the headphones Xiaomi buds 3 And recently I bought it Amazfit balance I would like to be able to answer calls from the watch and talk from the headphones, but unfortunately, no matter how much I tried, either I will talk from the watch or from the phone, the headphones do not recognize them Even though they are connected to the phone when I answer from the watch


the watch arrived (ordered from the previous article), but I couldn't find the zepp pay offer in the zepp application (contactless payments). Can it be solved somehow? It's the main reason why I bought the watch, now I'm quite disappointed, even though the watch looks great.


I also ended up like that, I bought them mainly because of the payments. Probably even before the paragraph "Info about the product" appeared, and therefore: does not support NFC payments. It's true that the seller doesn't have it written anywhere and apparently also omitted the pictures about NFC. Only when a person clicks on the specifications will he see that Zepp Pay Support – So what NFC Contactless Payment – NO. For the editors, I would recommend to emphasize (or at least change) the title at the bottom: "Amazfit Balance (NFC payments)", because it is not true (until there are other coupons).


Yes, unfortunately, we didn't even know that they would make a special version for Aliexpress without NFC support, and we don't understand it at all. Try to agree with the seller on at least a partial refund. We will update the article.