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Android 10 should dramatically improve the performance of the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 smartphone

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I'm probably one of the few, but I think they should also optimize the flashlight. I never got a phone for two days from the beginning, and I turn it off at night. It's weird that a 5260 mAh flashlight lasts barely 24 hours.
The camera application is a separate chapter. I don't mind storing photos in about two seconds. Rather, the application itself either freezes, but touches such as the shutter or switches do not work and the image is not jammed. Not to mention that the 4k video is incredibly choppy when recording. And I haven't mentioned the strange sound coming from the top speaker above the front camera, mostly while using the camera. If you have someone with a similar problem or can advise me, email me. Whether any of this is planned to be repaired. well thank you


I also have such problems with the camera. Not often, but he can get upset. I've never caught those weird sounds. Well, the endurance is also quite disappointing, I expected much more. But I hope that the update will solve it.


I have about Mi Note 10 PRO for about a week, I don't have any of the mentioned errors, except for a longer time of saving 108mpx photos, which I personally don't mind. The mobile works absolutely super, quickly and intuitively.
It is true that due to the declared flashlight, it really lasts about 1 day, when using Wifi and some applications / games.
On the other hand, I put it on the charger and it's fully charged in 40 minutes, so I'm used to it.