Automatic Xiaomi Mijia the umbrella has perfect quality and coupon price
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Special price €27 via Aliexpress sales: Automatic Xiaomi Mijia the umbrella unfolds and folds itself. It has perfect quality

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  1. writes:

    It is quite a practical function, it is only questionable how long the mechanism will be functional…. and on the other hand, for that price, one buys 5 umbrellas from a Chinese,….

  2. KoKoT writes:

    Great material that repels drops and thus the umbrella is dry in no time. I have been using it for over a year and no problem with the mechanism. My son sometimes "plays" with it and always holds the umbrella. 🙂 I recommend

  3. Milan writes:

    I think the comrades from China have it set up pretty well, I've had the umbrella for a little over a year and so far the mechanism works without any problems, the only thing that bothers me a little is that after pressing the folding button, you can't spread the umbrella again without folding it completely, this is a bit for me bother, or at least if it was possible to just unfold it manually, but that's not possible either, you just have to fold it completely and open it again with a button...but I got used to it. I don't know how exactly this umbrella is, but mine has an LED light in the handle, a great thing, especially when you're walking in the dark looking for a cable that your dog swallowed 😉. I also ordered the piece gifted to me from geekbuyng and I think it cost me around €27.

  4. Martin writes:

    I agree, it's a really practical thing. I bought two umbrellas, one with a double-layer fabric and the other with a single-layer fabric. The mechanism is robust and I've been using dazdniks for 4 years. Then one sent me about 12-15 euros. By brand, I mean something from xiaomi or one of their subsidiaries, since xiaomi includes several smaller manufacturers under its brand.

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