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4K drone FIMI X8 SE 2020 with two batteries and backpack in the package is again available in the EU stock

Xiaomi FIMI X8 SE is a very popular folding drone with an excellent price / performance ratio.

FIMI A3 is a perfect FullHD drone at a low price. In the Czech warehouse, it became cheaper at a perfect € 174

FIMI, which belongs to the Chinese giant Xiaomi, has in its portfolio several products focused mainly on…

Xiaomi's 4K FIMI X8 SE drone is attacking much more expensive competitors

Xiaomi is known for partnering with dynamic Chinese startups to produce for the technology giant…

The 4K drone FIMI X8 SE Black Edition has arrived in the EU warehouse. With a coupon it costs less than from China

Xiaomi's involvement in the field of drones is no longer unknown. In cooperation with its…

We are testing Xiaomi Fimi X4 SE 8K drone! Ask what interests you

Xiaomi has a very wide portfolio of products, which is constantly growing and it also has ani




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