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Car camera 70mai Dash Cam Pro Plus with high-quality 2.5K Sony sensor and built-in GPS in EU warehouse

Xiaomi's 70mai partner brand brings an updated version of its popular in-car camera with…

Exclusive coupon at a SK dealer with a price almost like on Aliexpress: 70mai A800S car camera with high 4K resolution

The 70mai brand is a partner brand of the Chinese company Xiaomi. In its portfolio it offers a number of accessories up to…

Latest Aliexpress coupons: 70mai Dash Cam M500 is a new high-end car camera with 2K resolution and built-in memory

The latest car camera model, the 70mai Dash Cam M500, has just went on sale. Ide…

The most available 70mai Dash Cam 1S car camera with FullHD video receives a new coupon in Polish stock

There are various pitfalls lurking for the driver. Therefore, it is good to have a record of your travels…

70mai smart rearview mirror with a huge 9,35 ″ display and FullHD camera has the latest coupons in Polish stock

Do you have an ordinary rear-view mirror in your car? How about improving your daddy with such a piece of technology? '

Xiaomi YI Ultra Dash Car Camera has 2,7K video, high-quality night shots and costs only € 40 in EU stock

Xiaomi already has several in-car cameras and they regularly bring new models with the YI brand.

DDPAI Dash Cam Mini 5 is a top 4K car camera. It has a built-in 64 GB memory and costs only € 79 in EU storage

Are you looking for an affordable car camera with top resolution? Today we present the DDPAI Dash Cam model…

FullHD car camera DDPAI miniONE Dash Cam in Polish stock costs only 39 €

Xiaomi offers a new car camera - DDPAI miniONE Dash Cam. Produced…

Xiaomi Yi Compact camera with FullHD 60 fps video and WiFi in European stock costs only 32 €

Road safety is a very important thing and Xiaomi, together with its partner brands, produces…

New coupons in EU stock: 70mai Dash Cam Pro car camera with quality 2,7K video

Safety when driving is extremely important. The technological giants are also aware of this, as

Xiaomi with the MINIEYE brand brings a camera to the car that warns of an impending accident

It is no news that Xiaomi is an innovator in the technology world. Innovation brings in…

70mai has a mini car camera that records high quality 2K video. Its price is excellent

If you are a driver and our readers, you will definitely know 70mai car cameras. I am




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