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Sports cameras

FIMI Palm 2 in Czech stock with even lower price: 4K 100 Mbps video and up to 308 minutes

There are definitely some adventurers among our readers who long for an action camera. Unless…

4K gimbal camera FIMI PALM with 3-axis stabilization has a new coupon with a record price of 121 €

We do not have to introduce the FIMI brand, which belongs to the Xiaomi Ecosystem portfolio. We know it primarily as a manufacturer of drones.

Xiaomi Mijia The 4K action camera with 6-axis stabilization is available again with a coupon after almost a year

The Chinese giant Xiaomi has a lot of products aimed at direct competition with the competition. One such…

Xiaomi has the cheapest 4K action camera you may not have known about. It is available in the EU warehouse

When something is cheapest, it doesn't automatically mean it's bad or of lower quality. '

Another exclusivity from us: The legendary Xiaomi Yi action camera with 2K resolution has never cost so much

Among Xiaomi smartphones, laptops, washing machines, knives and other crazy gadgets, we can also find action cameras. Tieto…




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