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All the most important news about Xiaomi - statistics, expansion into new markets or other information about the brand.

Among smartphone manufacturers, Xiaomi has increased the prices of its smartphones the most in recent years

Xiaomi has been experiencing its best times in recent years. News about…

Xiaomi introduced a limited edition of her own ring during the Mi Fan Festival 2021

Xiaomi has officially introduced a new limited edition ring also in a gift box. It happened…

Xiaomi became the largest Chinese smartphone brand in February 2021. They also overtook Huawei

It is not at all easy to establish yourself on the smartphone market. American Apple is doing great,,

Xiaomi introduces its self-developed Surge C1 image chip. Used for photo processing

Xiaomi presented a lot of interesting news at today's press conference. A less significant but relatively important novelty…

Xiaomi warns against rising prices due to a pandemic and a lack of chips

The Chinese company Xiaomi warns against rising electronics prices. The reason is the ongoing pandemic of the coronavirus Covid…

Xiaomi will revolutionize mobile photography. Develops liquid lenses

Liquid Lens or translated liquid lenses will bring a revolution in photography to the world of smartphones.

Xiaomi has already started manufacturing its smartphones directly in Europe

Chinese technology giant Xiaomi is entering Europe, but not through the official sale of its products. Ten tu…

Xiaomi wants to build her own electric car. The whole project is to be led directly by the founder Lei Jun

In addition to various smart devices, Xiaomi also plans to manufacture its own car. The project itself should have…

This is also how exaggerated love for the brand may look like: An Indian fan named his daughter Xiaomi

Xiaomi is undoubtedly one of the world's most popular brands. Fans like the Chinese manufacturer because of the fair price…

Xiaomi is consolidating its position and becoming the third largest smartphone manufacturer in the world

Chinese company Xiaomi has confirmed its success in the field of smartphones and is once again the third largest…




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