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The best discounts and coupons for Xiaomi products of various categories - smartphones, smart watches, smart home devices, gadgets, scooters and more.

Great coupon in Polish stock: 550 mm global ceiling smart lamp Yeelight Arwen C with RGB backlight for 99 €

Yeelight is a fairly well-known name in the world of intelligent lighting. It is one of the subsidiaries…

Xiaomi Mijia the remover will remove hair, hair and other impurities from your clothes. We have a new coupon

Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi sometimes surprises us with a truly unconventional gadget, which can also be used in your t

Normally costs 120 €, now cheaper at 65 €: Shunzao L1 is a design rod vacuum cleaner for 2021 with decent performance

Rod vacuum cleaners have become very popular. Their biggest advantages include smaller dimensions and work…

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum 1S is a vacuum cleaner loaded with technologies. In CZ stock for an excellent 187 €

In 2019 we received a new, improved version of the very popular robotic vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Mi Robot…

Xiaomi Enchen Boost is an extremely cheap hair clipper with USB Type-C. With a new coupon now for only € 12

You know it. Barbershops and hairdressers do not open and their hair and chin are still growing. But you can't…

The improved selfie stick from Xiaomi has a button for zoom, camera replacement and a record price of only € 16

After four years, Xiaomi has introduced an improved version of its selfie stick. It not only improved the appearance itself,…

Viomi V3 in Czech stock for a record 264 €. Great robotic vacuum cleaner for 2021 with a suction power of 2600 pa

The Viomi brand belonging to the Xiaomi ecosystem produces many smart home devices. Between them…

September sale of software: Windows 10 from 6 € with the possibility of updating to Windows 11 in October

In cooperation with, we bring you another sale of original software that you can use not only at home,…

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop Pro vacuum cleaner still for a record 189 €. We ordered it and it arrived in 2 days!

Xiaomi is one of the largest manufacturers of robotic vacuum cleaners and their devices have become incredibly popular.

The largest Xiaomi smart rice cooker with a volume of up to 4 liters has a record price in the EU of only € 62

Xiaomi offers a number of handy smart home products in its portfolio. One of them is a stove…

HUTT W66 is a powerful robotic window cleaner from the Xiaomi ecosystem. Re-available in EU stock with coupon

Do you have a lot of windows at home and don't want to clean them by hand? Do they therefore remain unwashed for a long time?

Xiaomi JIMMY JV85 Pro has a proper suction power of 25 pa, electric mattress head and a new coupon in the EU stock

Xiaomi has many interesting products in its portfolio and one of them is…




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