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Amazfit Bip U Pro in global version with coupon in EU stock: Built-in GPS and blood oxygen measurement

Amazfit is another member of the smart watch from the Bip family. The name of the new smartwatch is Amazfit Bip…

Robust Amazfit T-Rex smart watch with 12 military certifications again for the famous 78 €

Amazfit T-Rex is the first super-durable smart watch from the manufacturer Huami, which has in its portfolio…

A new coupon in EU stock for the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 in the global version launches the price at € 26

In July of this year, the Chinese Xiaomi finally officially introduced the highly anticipated fitness bracelet with the label…

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 should finally get one of the most sought after features

Only recently could you find an article on our website that revealed initial news about správy

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 has appeared in new documents. The performance is approaching

Around the middle of 2020, Xiaomi introduced the world to the fifth generation of the popular series of smart bracelets…

Amazfit Stratos smart watch with WiFi, 4 GB memory and built-in GPS at a great price of 72 € from EU stock

Huami Amazfit Stratos are the most advanced smart watches in Xiaomi's portfolio. They have been on the market for a long time…

Sports Amazfit Stratos 3 with WiFi, built-in GPS and endurance of 14 days have become cheaper in EU stock

Huami, a subsidiary of giant Xiaomi, introduced several new and very well-equipped models this year…

The global version of Xiaomi Mi Watch receives a new update with Amazon Alexa support

The Xiaomi Mi Watch smart watch will offer a new software update in its global version. Part of this…

Amazfit GTS 2e and GTR 2e in the EU stock cheaper only at 114 €: Smart watch capable of measuring body temperature

We recently brought you an article about the introduction of completely new versions of Amazfit GTS 2e watches and…

The Amazfit Band 5 bracelet with blood oxygen measurement and Alexa assistant has a great price in the EU

For several years now, Xiaomi has been a world leader in the sale of wearable devices, specifically smart bracelets. I am

Luxury Amazfit Stratos 2S with sapphire crystal in the EU stock received a special price of 88 €

Huami, the manufacturer behind the top Amazfit Stratos 2 watch, is really good at wearable electronics.

Amazfit Watch 2 (Nexo) with ceramic, eSIM and AMOLED display in EU stock for an incredible 85 €

Amazfit Watch 2, also known as Nexo, is the former flagship of the smart watch manufacturer belonging to…




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