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Other Redmi equipment

Fitness bracelet Redmi Smart Band Pro designed directly for Europe receives a record price of only 29 €!

If you are looking for a small smart watch, the fitness bracelet segment is especially strong in its compact dimensions. A…

The latest Redmi AX5400 gaming router with WiFi 6 and RGB backlight comes into international sales

At the February conference, Redmi presented the Redmi K50 Gaming Edition gaming smartphone to the world. It was not…

Redmi Display 27 ″ is an affordable FullHD monitor. He receives a record coupon in the EU warehouse

Chinese Xiaomi's subsidiary Redmi has officially introduced a new 27 ″ monitor called Redmi Display 27.…

Internal code from MIUI superstructure confirms that POCO F4 GT will be a global version of the top Redmi K50 Gaming Edition

Just a few days ago, specifically on 16.2.2022, the expected introduction of the new flagship smartphone Redmi K50 took place…

Noise canceling Redmi Buds 3 Lite headphones receive a record price below € 16

Are you looking for cheap "true-wireless" headphones for travel or the office? In addition to the new mi subsidiary Redmi, we

The latest affordable Redmi Buds 3 headphones have become cheaper at € 27. Free duty free shipping is also available

Do you use any "true-wireless" headphones? China's Xiaomi subsidiary, Redmi, now brings new affordable headphones,…

The Redmi G 2021 gaming notebook will be introduced in a few days. He gets a bloated Nvidia game graphics

In August last year, Xiaomi's subsidiary, Redmi, introduced its world's first gaming notebook to the world.

RedmiBook Pro 14 with premium design, 2.5K display and Core i5 processor at the lowest prices so far

You will definitely know the series of laptops from Xiaomi's daughter brand, RedmiBook. Not only RedmiBook Pro was introduced…

Record coupon: RedmiBook 16 with Ryzen 5 and 16 GB RAM cheapened for an incredible € 552

The May Redmi conference in 2020 brought with it several new products that excel in…

The latest coupons for the Redmi G gaming notebook: 144 Hz display or GTX 1650Ti for great value

As announced, the Redmi G gaming laptop was officially introduced in China. Ide Ide

Redmi MAX 86 ″ is a new massive smart TV with 4K resolution and 120 Hz frequency

In addition to the Redmi K40 smartphone series, the new generation of RedmiBook Pro notebooks and other innovations, we…




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