Universal DHGate Coupons 2022: Regularly updated

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DHGate Released Its Up To $200 Off Coupons For December 2023: Regularly Updated List

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Does DHGate often offer codes like these? Yesterday I missed 100/150 USD off coupons but want to buy Ninebot G30 MAX and 550 eur is usual full price (600-50 eur) so not sure if worth waiting.


How is it currently with the customs procedure with the things of this shop from CN warehouses?


For example, I need or plan to buy a Xiaomi phone, or will they catch me for sure? or how? Shipping method is hongkong post and I write shipping from china.. if they can catch it, I'd rather go for it.. it's a phone that you can't get anywhere else, for example on tradingshenzen or gshopper hekka, and under which they go duty free


but I'm buying from the same company that I bought in the past about 2 years ago. I received a mix and the phone was fine within a month and I didn't pay anything. How come you claim the exact opposite? have things changed?


hey, for example, AliExpress declares that they have everything taxed, and even this year they never taxed me! they didn't even stop anything once when they stopped by mistake, so Ali promised to reimburse me the whole amount, so how is it actually then? from one Chinese e-shop they will seize and charge and charge a duty, but not from another e-shop? or how does it work? why, for example, do they never catch anything from tradingshenzen? and for example from DH Gate yes? or are there eshops where this does not apply from 2021?


but the phone I ordered is clearly written in black on white on the DH gate, the package is not contained the original box and not contained the buyer VAT/GST invoice.
you don't need to pay any customs charges when the package arrives at your country's customs.
and the seller confirmed it to me, I specifically asked him about it.. even the last customers there write in their evaluations that they didn't pay anything, so I don't know.. is it different here?


I think that I also bought an older xiaomi phone from them and I didn't pay, maybe they really have taken care of it, the link is here, I would really appreciate it if you could check it out and know for sure if by any chance something has changed since then, it's this one Store
defacto under every phone that they have in the offer they have it written, take note https://www.dhgate.com/store/20677247?


the xiaomi phone mi11 pro arrived just today, I was a little worried, but everything was fine, the courier brought it straight to me, for the show, only a little over 310 euros with used coupons, exactly as they said, it was kept, it didn't have the original box, but all the accessories were there including the phone, I'll probably buy it for a friend, just a different color, so via your link already


so kamos will finally buy a phone in the summer in August as it happens, but now I'm just looking to see if they don't continue with the regular discount so-called off-coupons on a monthly basis, don't they renew them anymore? the last ones were in May... are there any other sales coupons now?


so in the end the coupons also work for June, I just entered them incorrectly and they have a different shape, the month is not June, but you have to enter only June, otherwise it is not DHxxOFFJUNE, but it is correct, it is DHxxOFFJun, but there are more, you can use these as well, they work the same as before ADxxOFFJun, of course xx is big discounts in % as always according to the high value or price of the goods, hopefully I will be there in July and August so that you can also buy a xiaomi flag..or some other brand..hopefully he will be lucky enough to get a better piece than me and not get a ghost touch on the display 🙁 as I figured it out.. my claim or refund was not recognized, he only offered me some symbolic 30 dollars from his account saying that if I want, he will exchange me 11 for what I bought for others, that I should send the phone to him.. I don't know what to do now.. after several updates and tearing off the film from the display, it doesn't appear like that anymore, only here and there when the memory is full, it needs to be lubricated and refined and the touch works quite well.. so either way I will continue to work or send the phone let's go to the dealer for an exchange, but that seems like a pretty big risk to me 🙁 moreover, I already registered the phone under myself and put our cz/sk rom from miuios cz there, I would have to laboriously put everything back and delete it.. I didn't deal with it because it was relatively cheap, only a little over 300e, and it's slowly more than 2 years old. I'll probably switch to something with snap 8 gen 2 by the fall.