FIMI X8 SE 2022: 10 km range, 48 MPx Sony sensor and COUPONS
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Top smart controller FIMI TX10A is cheaper from €266 to a record €243 €! Built-in 5.5" FullHD display, 10-15 km range and Android system

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promo code does not work 🙁


Hello, we only have this coupon: Drones6 with the price of 441,22 €. As sales have ended, prices are returning to normal. But Black Friday is still waiting for us at the end of the month.


It is already possible to buy an intelligent controller with a built-in screen for the X8SE 2022, or what the approximate price will be and communication is possible in Czech-thanks to J.


Hello, unfortunately it is still not for sale.


I had fimi drones. They are great in terms of price-performance ratio. But they don't stick to dji.


It would be better if they put the batteries on the Fimi A3 into action. All three of them swelled up somehow and replacement originals are terribly expensive 🙁


Have you tried replacing the cells themselves? A skilled repairman will be able to repair it, you can order articles at a great price from Ali, the Liitokala brand has excellent ratings. We ordered their cells for the battery from a stick vacuum cleaner and they work great


Harmi ektze remote-id ei ole faa tai EASA sälätä. Ei ole säää radalta C1 ääääää ääää ää ää ei edes saa veidää enään ja vanhoilla A3 ääääääää eli 150 käää bäääääää ja ihmisistä. Eli fulta kusetusta xiaomilta kunnes saavaa säyökönnät kuntoon. Oma drone myynnissä kun ollut maissa 6kk !