The most popular Chinese store is changing its logo and design. Exclusive competition for Xiaomi Planet - Xiaomi Planet
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China's most popular business is changing logo and design. Exclusive contest on Xiaomi Planet

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  1. Samuel Dzurisin writes:

    What I like the most is the yellow color of the gearbest logo. ?

  2. Pato Lenard writes:

    What I like the most is their logo where they creatively used the letter G 🙂

  3. Adam Malý writes:

    What I like most is the whole tuning of the site to yellow

  4. Filip Třaslin writes:

    What I like the most is that it's clearer and especially the yellow color is so cheerful and pretty, I just like it a lot and the logo is great too, it has a modern design and I like it ???

  5. Jan Jeřábek writes:

    What I like the most is the overall new gearbest concept. Anyway, the yellow color in the logo is also great :)

  6. Peter Kunč writes:

    what I like the most is the smiley in the sense of connecting the joy of shopping

  7. Admin of Xiaomi Planet writes:

    Greetings to all Xiaomi fans! We hereby officially end the competition. Thank you to all six contestants for participating in our mini-competition 🙂 Well, the better the chance of winning for you. We randomly selected the comments via a number generator (yes, generated a random number from 1 to 6: D) and the choice fell on @filiptaslin: disqus. Congratulations! Write us an e-mail to us via Facebook, via which you are registered on Gearbest and we will credit you with a special $ 20 coupon. Be sure to follow us.

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