Amazfit GTR 2 and Amazfit GTS 2 are officially introduced in a global version
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May coupon in EU warehouse: Beautiful Amazfit GTS 2 smart watch with Bluetooth calls and memory for music

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  1. Vladimír writes:

    can I please pair the watch with external sensors? sensor of cadence, speed, chest waist, etc. well thank you

  2. Paul writes:

    GTR2 should also have NFC. Will data be paid with them with us?

    1. Editorial writes:

      They do not have NFC support in Europe.

  3. a break writes:

    Is it possible to turn off bluetooth in the watch so that it still carries, don't I use notifications at all? Is it possible to record a voice in the watch something like a dictaphone when they have a microphone? It is possible to control the watch completely without a phone, e.g. setting an alarm time date and the like without a phone?
    Thank you for the response.

    1. Editorial writes:

      Bluetooth in the watch can be turned off, directly in the watch settings. We can't confirm the dictaphone, they probably won't have it. The watch settings can be made without a phone, the watch has its own system with settings.

  4. Michal writes:

    What material is the strap in gtr2 made of? Is it leather in silver?

  5. Pavol writes:

    Good day,
    4.12 I ordered the watch through your coupon. My order has still not been shipped. You have more info about sending orders.
    I wrote an email to Banggood but no response yet.

    1. Editorial writes:

      Hello, the watch was in advance, but we have no info when the seller should have sent it. Send us the data from your obj. to the email and let's take a look.

  6. Paul writes:

    GTR2 - even though they don't have NFC support in the EU, do they have the NFC chip / technology in them?

    Namely, if they would later connect e.g. payments in the EU thus have a very good extra function.

  7. Robert writes:

    does the watch have cz or sk language?

    1. Editorial writes:

      Hello, the watch has Czech language.

  8. TT writes:

    I ordered a watch through your link, from the same shop as you posted now. The watch arrived, but I was struck by the date of manufacture of the watch - January 2021.
    So a sale of two years' worth of stock and not new.

    1. Editorial writes:

      The GTS 2 is not a new watch. It's an old model, no wonder.

  9. TT writes:

    I ordered GTR 2, about which you write that this year the manufacturer also paid attention to the built-in dials, of which there are really many. So I don't know if watches made more than two years ago meet this benefit.

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