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A trick to easily find out the password from WiFi on your smartphone

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  1. Beautiful writes:

    You can also find out the password to the network to which it is not currently connected, but you already have it stored in your mobile - select the saved network, networks with the password have the right lock, select the network to which you want to find the password, hold your thumb and share that you, the owner of the mobile phone, confirm it, the QR code will pop up and you can also see the password under it - it is valid for Android 10 and more.

  2. whiz writes:

    you call yourself xiaomi page and you don't know that you can use the built-in "scanner" application to read QR codes?

  3. Peter writes:

    Well yes. This tells me how to send someone your password on your wifi. Very clever…

  4. Dušan writes:

    @BELLO, thanks for the tip. A much simpler procedure than the complex procedure described in the article.

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