Lei Jun: Mass production of electric Xiaomi car could start by the end of 2023 - Xiaomi Planet

Lei Jun: Mass production of the electric Xiaomi car could start by the end of 2023

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  1. HanyBany writes:

    the very problem of China's support for Russia must be taken into account... Not to mention the security risks this technology carries.... take away the possibility of war….. We will not lie to each other that Asian countries feel like Europe 😉 Nowadays, I take China for the attitude of seeing Russia without a debate against Europe, so I do not intend to support the terrorist policy committed by Gestapo Russia. I am in contact with dozens of Chinese people and it is really not easy to find a sober debate... propaganda and misinformation, censorship are going to 100% of Europe, prepare for the worst 😉 Don't write it as a slouch from a pen, but in general as a person in crisis who feels that he is dealing with it. I'm worse than the liver, which is all sun-drenched... I think that what's happening here lately is calling to heaven 😉 (a technique that can actually serve as espionage) and that's without an ass. Good luck

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