Disappointment: MIUI 12.5 Global loses all these features

Disappointment: MIUI 12.5 in the global version loses all these features

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  1. Peter writes:

    Hi, There have been many petitions on the Internet regarding the Xiaomi brand in the form of a petition. Personally, I don't know how, but there would be no possibility or effort for someone who could organize a petition concerning MIUI 12.5 global and at the same time mobilize users of this brand to persuade Xiaomi to return the truncated features and elements to this global update.

  2. Nice writes:

    Ved uz miui 12 global is maximally cut, unlike the original Chinese version. The functions I was most looking forward to did not bring me the 12th. Do we want to cut more? I hope that the alarm clock, SMS and phone calls will stay, I need them a lot.

  3. Jozef writes:

    I've been using Google applications for SMS, phone and notes since my first Xiaomi Mi A2, so Xiaomi can also remove them. And once they're removing it, they can take back their Security, My Browser, My Video, My Music.

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