Mi Konto is a feature that every owner of a Xiaomi smartphone - Xiaomi Planet - should know and use

Mi Konto is a feature that every Xiaomi smartphone owner should know and use

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  1. And in the next update miui 11, my account should contain free sms between xiaomi users

  2. Slavomir writes:

    Can I sync Huawei to my account?

    1. Editorial writes:

      This will not be possible, you will not receive a Xiaomi account in your Huawei phone.

  3. Petra writes:

    Can you please advise me how to restore this home screen backup? I saved it to the cloud, restored the factory settings, and my desktop is back in half. Is it already finished and doesn't know more or can I somehow restore it manually? I also backed up via MIUI-backup-AllBackup, but the applications did not restore it. Well thank you

    1. Editorial writes:

      My cloud cannot back up all applications, you have to install the others manually.

  4. Cico77 writes:

    Hi…. I can't buy my credits with PayPal. I receive message that PayPal is not supported in China but in Mi account settings my region is Croatia. How to solve it?

  5. Luboš writes:

    How do I pay for it via paypal.? .. Offer only wechay, alipay, mypay

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