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POCO F2 Pro with Snapdragon 865 has become cheaper at a great 340 €: Best price-performance ratio

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  1. Ivan writes:

    I wonder when they will have a smartphone only about 15 cm so that they can be put in a pocket and Android will do updates for at least 4 years. This is probably the only reason to go to Apple.

  2. Martin writes:

    Is it because of the 15 cm to Apple, which is more expensive? aka added value is it? cut in the case and see the logo there? For half the price I get the same / similar "music". I used to be a favorite of Xperia, but since the prices hung a lot high and went in shape to the strange dimensions of 21: 9 resolution, as thin as a TV driver, I'm no longer their fan. And they caught me at Xiaomi's. Although they, too, have been seduced by "premium price thinking"

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