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POCO F2 Pro with Snapdragon 865 has been reduced to a great 340 €: The best price-performance ratio

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I wonder when they will have a smartphone only about 15 cm so that they can be put in a pocket and Android will do updates for at least 4 years. This is probably the only reason to go to Apple.


Is it because of the 15 cm to Apple, which is more expensive? what added value is that? cutout in the case and can you see the logo there? I get the same/similar "music" for half the price. I used to be a fan of Xperia, but since the prices were very high and the shape went to the strange dimensions of 21:9 resolution, i.e. as thin as a TV remote control, I am no longer a fan of them. And they caught me at Xiaomi. Even though they have already been seduced by the "premium pricing"