Xiaomi Mi Router AX9000: Animal between routers (COUPONS)
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Lowest price with exclusive coupon: Inflated Xiaomi Mi Router AX9000 with 5G band for gamers and 9000 Mbps speed

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When reviewing the xiaomi ax3000, it was mentioned that the application should be used when setting up the router for the first time, as it is in English. I won't even cut in Chinese. Is it the same with this router?
And another question is about mains power. It writes that it needs 12V 4Ampere.
Is a European transformer included?
If not, can an alternative be used?


The AX9000 is currently only in the Chinese version, so yes, you need to use the app for the initial setup. The adapter has a Chinese end cap, but the seller is adding a reduction to our sockets, or you can buy a quality one, without any problems, also in local SK e-shops.