NexTool alcohol tester, with which you can also break glass or cut strips
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The Nextool 4 in 1 alcohol tester also works as a power bank and can cut belts. It has the latest coupon in the CZ warehouse

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How reliable is the measurement and calibration does not need to be done over time?


Not working discount code 😔


Sorry, only for Slovakia and the Czech Republic. 🙁


Slovakia - 20.8, 15,45, coupon works.
The Chinese characters on the display do not matter so much, rather that it is not intended for our customs. You have to look for a converter or you simply orient yourself according to the color on the display.
You will also find no mention of calibration anywhere.
But I gave the name of the seller and also that the reviews on the product are only positive (4 of them are from Slovakia).

So this gadget is suitable for every driver, at least for orientation measurement 😉


I have to admit that even though eight fans of the brand, this toy is very unreliable: / I was surprised several times that even after quite a few cups it still showed me 0,00 .. pity…