Xiaomi Mi Router AX9000: Animal between routers (COUPONS)
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Finally a new coupon: Crazy Xiaomi Mi Router AX9000 with 5G band for gamers and 9000 Mbps speed

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  1. Vlastimil writes:

    When reviewing the xiaomi ax3000, it was mentioned that the application should be used when setting up the router for the first time, as it is in English. I won't even cut in Chinese. Is it the same with this router?
    And another question is about mains power. It writes that it needs 12V 4Ampere.
    Is a European transformer included?
    If not, can an alternative be used?

    1. Editorial writes:

      The AX9000 is currently only in the Chinese version, so yes, you need to use the app for the initial setup. The adapter has a Chinese end cap, but the seller is adding a reduction to our sockets, or you can buy a quality one, without any problems, also in local SK e-shops.

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