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Our story

Our pilgrimage began in February 2019, when we launched the first website called Xiaomi Planet. As huge fans of the Xiaomi brand, we felt that there is no quality portal in Slovakia dedicated exclusively to this brand. We have set ourselves the goal of creating the largest community portal around a Chinese manufacturer, and after a year of operation we can say that we have been able to do so. Even when we launched Xiaomi Planet, we knew that we didn't want to focus on just one segment, and we gradually wanted to add more sites that would focus on Chinese gadgets and technology in general.

In August 2019, we launched the second Deal Planet project, which was the only one of its kind in Slovakia at the time. It is a price comparator and at the same time the largest source of Chinese coupons. In April 2020, we added a third China Planet portal to our portfolio, a magazine that provides information on all sorts of Chinese technology toys.

We want to gradually continue to expand our "asteroids", as we call our sites in the team, in order to create the greatest background for technology fans, enthusiasts and geeks. It will be an honor for us to join us and achieve this goal together.

Xiaomi Planet

XiaomiPlanets.com is the largest community portal in Slovakia dedicated exclusively to the Xiaomi brand. We inform you about all the news, we publish detailed product reviews, tips and tricks, instructions or discounts. We are visited by more than 200 real visitors a month, more than 1600 articles are published on the web and our Facebook profile has exceeded 26 fans. In April 2020, we also launched the English version of the website XiaomiPlanets.com, which we target the international market.

Deal Planet

DealPlanet.sk is a unique price comparator of Chinese e-shops and at the same time the largest source of coupons. We have developed a unique system for automatic updating of prices and coupons, so you can always find current promotions on the web. On the site, we also offer product pricing history, exclusive video tutorials and product reviews from customers. 

China Planet

ChinaPlanet.sk is an online magazine dedicated to all sorts of technological gadgets, but also to common gadgets originating in China. The portal is dedicated, among other things, to well-known Chinese technology manufacturers, quality reviews and we bring a daily dose of discounts and coupons, thanks to which you can save significantly.

Who is behind the project?

Behind the "planets" project, ie our Planet websites, are three technology enthusiasts who share the same passion. The passion is to create something that makes sense to them but especially to others and do the best they can. The head of the whole project and the founder is Kristián Hrušovský (pictured right) - a 23-year-old boy who was behind the birth of the FonTech.sk website, but in 2018 he ended his work there and went his own way. He is the main source of ideas in the project, he is in charge of the entire functioning of the company, editorial management, communication with partners, but also with customers.

Juraj Török as a co-founder (pictured left) is an important part of the project. He was in charge of corporate administration, held the position of technical director, creative graphic artist, transformed Kristián's ideas into reality and took care of the functioning of the DealPlanet.sk website. However, in April 2020, he decided to end his involvement in the projects.

An important member of the team is also Frederik Hrušovský (pictured on Wednesday), Kristián's brother. Frederik is a very creative soul, an experienced and skilful graphic artist, and in addition to the complete management of the social networks of all our websites, he holds the position of editor-in-chief of the ChinaPlanet.sk portal. 

This is us - the three guys behind the Planets websites. From left: Juraj, Frederik and Kristián

Our three planets in numbers

What we managed to achieve in the years 2019 - 2020.




Team members

20K +

Visits daily


Gifts to order

35K +

Fans together



History and milestones

This is how we started.

  • Október 2018
    Start of work on the project
  • Február 2019
    Launch of the first website - Xiaomi Planet
  • March 2019
    The first 1000 fans
  • August 2019
    Launch of the second site - Deal Planet
  • Október 2019
    We have become the largest SK / CZ partner of the Banggood e-shop
  • December 2019
    Visit Banggood in China
  • March 2020
    Redesign of Xiaomi Planet
  • April 2020
    Launch of the third site - China Planet

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