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Exclusive coupon, best price on the market, 2 years warranty: Oclean X Ultra S is the flagship toothbrush and has crazy capabilities

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Will this brush also be available on aliexpress? Or some other Chinese shops?


Not for now, why is it a problem to order from the official Oclean website? It's directly from the manufacturer's website, so it's the safest way to buy 🙂


I assume that the price on aliexpress would be more favorable. Even the older Oclean X were significantly cheaper on AliExpress.
Another thing is the cost of replacement heads. They could be just as cheap on AliExpress.


These are just assumptions... since it is not available on Ali. The Oclean store has almost no products there anymore, so we have no idea if they have completely discontinued the Ali offer. Maybe it's just a temporary outage, we'll see. Anyway, at the moment you can't buy that brush cheaper anywhere else. You can see the prices on SK. You get a full 2-year warranty from the Oclean website, while they only have 1 year on Ali.


May I ask how the application worked for you? Cleaning doesn't count for me at all, she evaluated it for me once and nothing since then. Only now I found out that the rating of the application itself is not very high. I was debating whether to buy this brush, or whether Oclean X or Elite Pro is enough, and so far I'm rather disappointed. Voice commands are also not understood at all.


Hello. Your discount code cannot be combined with a free gift - UV sterilizer.


Hello, you are right, we apologize and we have already corrected it in the article. If you are also interested in the UVC sterilizer, it is worth taking the brush and the device as a gift without a coupon, then the purchase will cost you €130. If you would make a separate order for a brush with a coupon and a separate purchase of UVC with a coupon, it comes to almost €140.