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Exclusive Coupon for New GaN Version: Original European 120W Xiaomi Turbo Charge Charger

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USBC or A?


The charger has USB A.

Peter Pan

all xiaomi phones have USB-A, they don't do USB-C yet as far as I know... but today you can also buy a usb-usbc adapter if you want to use a usb cable (but if it's not certified by xiaomi, you won't be able to max charge anyway, but only turbo charge), but xiaomi also supplies a USB-A cable for quick chargers, so logically, the chargers are still with USB-A, they have to switch completely to USB-C, but they still haven't done so yet .. but for owners with older USB-A xiaomi quick-charge cables it's just a plus that they haven't switched to usbc yet..

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Of course they also work with USB C, the Xiaomi 65W Gan charger has C.


What is the charger for the xiaomi 13 t please? Well thank you


The 13T supports a maximum of 67W charging, so this https://xiaomiplanet.sk/67-w-xiaomi-nabijacka-35/


do you also have a link to nu? maybe it won't be some kind of gan offajc like a lot of chargers shaped like gan fast charge, and they are usually qc3 chargers approx. 20-30w, there are even more of them on the alik under the name of xiaomi


It is sold officially in SK, just search for it according to what we wrote. We have two pieces and it is a normal 65W charger..


I bought exactly from them on alika not long ago for this price, i.e. under 17e, but they also had a sale with a 2m cable at that time, great deal! it really charges 120w (120W max charge! it shows you on the display during charging and the current flow is as it should be), measured in amperes, although on the inside the 120w original xiaomi charger has such large signs and inscriptions, I mean directly from the original xiaomi package, this is not it is directly original from the package provided by the manufacturer, but it has the same parameters and it charges the same.. like the original.. these are probably the only ones I know of that are genuine and do not sell imitations, or armored chargers but originals..