POCO F4 GT: Gaming smartphone with aggressive price tag [COUPONS]

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Record price €302 in EU warehouse: The gaming POCO F4 GT smashes the competition with an aggressive price-to-performance ratio

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Thanks to your portal, I saved a lot of money. it's a shame that I already ordered my 11t pro. if I know I will order this poco. my poco f3 pro was inherited by my wife. Anyway, thank you and I look forward to new events.


We are very happy about that 🙂


I solved it in SK about a year ago in the 12/256GB version for €579. Which compared to the FR warehouse is not that much different. But I want to ask how long is the warranty when buying from FR warehouse? A year or two?
Anyway, this mobile phone is more than fine (photos, however, are only better than average, which I don't mind). And while I'm looking for a replacement, at this rate of new models, the Poco F28 GT will be on the market :))))
And hopefully you'll still have good coupons afterwards.


The seller in the FR warehouse gives a 2-year warranty. The current price is nothing extra in EU warehouses, that's why we promote the Chinese warehouse. It was already for better prices.


Thanks for the reply. Yes, it was already cheaper.
I took a risk with the X3Pro and it works so far, but a longer warranty is better for a mobile phone over 400-500e. Which is probably not 2 years at CN warehouses. With the F2Pro, I had 2 times missing charging on two different pieces, and it is easier to complain to SK. But to everyone's taste or whatever they say.
I wish you all the best.


It shows me the final price of €336 after using the coupon


That's the price without the coupon. The coupon must be entered in the basket.comment image


Good day. I have a question for you. Do you have any information about the Poco F5 GT? Any. There is no information about him anywhere. Was it cancelled? Or another gaming phone from xiaomi and its relatives that are coming? Thank you for your reply and have a nice day




"Thank you" for the long answer. You must have gotten tired while writing it. Like copying a year-old article. But clickbait works, yes, and the cents add up. Well, that says something too. You will definitely block this comment. Goodbye


What clickbait? After all, this is a legitimate article about POCO F4 GT, for which we offer a discount coupon. We did not write anything about any F5 GT in this article. We don't have any new info about him, so we replied that we don't have anything new. So we don't understand what more you would like to see in our answer 😀


An amazing phone at an amazing price 🤪 I paid 700e for it in datart in March 🤣


I bought it last year in June via Amazon for €450


Wouldn't it load in the 12Gb+256 version?


It is no longer in stock anywhere.