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The latest coupons with great prices from 364 €: The latest executive POCO F6 Pro with 120 W charging and AI functions

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All kinds of AI functions are written here, but surprisingly (since there are already a lot of tests), no disadvantage is mentioned in this article. The 100 EUR difference is significant and simply not worth it. Xiaomi absurdly scored its own goal (eg: 2 MP macro???, 8 MP wide-angle camera???, IP54 vs. IP64, Gorilla Glass 5 vs. Victus, wireless charging???). The only useful thing (mainly for the future) in PRO is the presence of WiFi7, the rest max. it looks good on paper, but in everyday use you don't feel anything from it.


This article is informative, basically just a list of specifications. This is not a review of this phone. It will be on the website later. Price difference 100 € are you comparing against what? Because the F5 Pro currently costs almost the same as the F6 Pro (if we consider the prices with our coupons).


The second coupon does not work, it says in the application that it cannot be used safely. reasons, it says on the PC that it has already been used... Can we fix it? 🙂


Don't have a new Ali account? You can't fix it, just try another Ali account. Or else: SS80