POCO X3 NFC suffers from yellowing of the display. This is how you solve it Xiaomi Planet

Does the POCO X3 NFC display show a yellow color? This is how you can easily solve it

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  1. Matus writes:

    It's happening on OnePlus as well, so it probably won't be Xiaomi's fault

  2. PETO writes:

    It helped me set in chrome: // flags
    Dynamic color gamut

  3. Peter writes:

    Unfortunately, the CHrome browser application is one of the ones that cannot be uninstalled in this way - the item cannot be uninstalled, it is not active

  4. Andrei writes:

    The first time I just restarted the phone .. but it didn't last long, now I tried to switch to read mode and back. So far it has returned to normal, but I doubt for a long time.

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