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Latest coupon for POCO X4 Pro 5G in EU stock! Its 108 MPx camera in the middle class surprises with its quality

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Hello. The German coupon for the 256GB version somehow doesn't work. After entering the coupon, I still get the amount of 275 Euro. Is it still valid?


Hello, the coupon works, but the seller raised the price. Now it pays the most from the CZ warehouse to Gshopper for 259 €.


Great, I used that gshopper. Thank you for the info.


For a little bit 🙂


I would like to ask about the update to Android 12. When will it be available, and how many more updates has the manufacturer promised.
Satisfaction so far.


The camera surprised me just by how poorly it takes pictures. For the fact that it's being praised here, it's a big enough disappointment.


terrible disappointment from the phone 🙁 apart from the fact that it is fast, it is a complete fart 🙁
I guess it's my third "xiaomi" and the worst choice so far. it hangs, it freezes - my POCO M3 didn't hang like this either, it changes settings arbitrarily, I have problems with the synchronization of wearable devices... all bad!
by any chance any ideas for a solution? probably just a new phone 🤣🤣


Greetings, we would definitely try at least a factory reset. And update the system if it offers you some new update. We had no problem with the phone during testing.


I have it new, two months and I almost went gray when transferring data.. the idea of ​​a system reset makes me faint 🤣🤣 because backups don't work at all as expected..
and the update, which is supposed to be related to the security patch, is banned for me as well, because when I did it on the POCO M3 after a terribly long delay, opening, viewing, sending attachments in the mail stopped working... which could not be solved in any way and on I couldn't find an answer in the forums.. and that's why I bought this one... from mud to puddle 😅