POCO X6: The new bestseller for 2024?
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New July coupons for POCO X6 5G in EU stock: In this price category, one of the TOP smart phones on the market

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I ordered a phone through you, after applying your coupon the discount started, but the payment via VISA did not go through. The exact same thing happened to me in November 2023 when I wanted to buy an X6 Pro through you. Please what about it?


Hello, we write it clearly:

Important: Order from DHgate a Gshopper do it exclusively through the Chrome browser (preferably through incognito mode with cookies enabled) on a computer or smartphone, otherwise you will lose our customer support. If payment via credit / debit card from your banking company does not work for you, start a Curve or Revolut service. Payments work 100% through these services.


And wouldn't you be able to find another store with a discount that also accepts a credit card or Paypal? Opening another account for one purchase? Well thank you.


Hello, currently no one else has such low prices as DHgate. If you don't want to set up a Revolut payment service (otherwise it's worth it with other Chinese sellers, they have the best EUR / USD rates), we can call you for a fee of 15 € we can also order directly to your address. You send the amount for the phone + 15 to our account € and we will take care of it for you. You are therefore sure that everything will go 100% and the order will be in our system, so of course you also have customer support from us in the case of resolving a complaint, for example. If you are interested, write us an email at info(zavinač)xiaomiplanet.sk or on the FB page https://www.facebook.com/dealplanet.sk/ : )


what steam? learn to read…


Coupon is not working for me poco x6 not even on poco x6 pro.


Write us an e-mail or FB message with the exact message that the system tells you as soon as you use the coupon. Best to send screenshots.


It doesn't want to add the store coupon to me either. It's not even on the menu.


We still see it there, right in the product when you open your phone on the DHgate site.comment image