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Luxury prices from 243 € in EU stock with new coupons: POCO X6 Pro 5G as the new king of the mid-range with HyperOS

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And the global version is unlocked, e.g. to the O2 network?


Hi! Please tell me if I order a smartphone like this Poco X6 Pro from DHgate, shipping from a Spanish warehouse, should I pay VAT and customs duties separately when the item arrives at the destination? After placing an order, I receive this information (at "Add remark to seller"): "Your package is sent by express delivery such as DHL/UPS, we suggest that you fill in the EORI number for quick customs clearance". I live in a country from the European Union. Thank you very much indeed.


Thank you so much!

Dinos Papa

Hello, I have a question. I'm not sure if buying from dhgate is safe since dhgate itself and the delivery company they use don't really have any good reviews. They also don't accept PayPal, so is there any way I can be sure about the package arriving safely and on time? If there is no way I have no problem going with gshopper I just would prefer to save the extra money.


Good day. I want to ask. I would like to buy 2 phones POCO X6 PRO. The question is: Is it necessary to create a separate order for each phone in order to apply your coupons and the one from the store? Because I tried to order two for one order and the coupons were only applied to one phone. Thank you very much for your answer


Does the 8GB / 256GB variant also have UFS 4.0 storage?


Your order is being processed. Please wait a few moments to check the status. I paid through Revolut, but the money was not taken from my account. Please help me. I don't know if the payment went through at all. well thank you


The code doesn't work, after typing: Sorry, we're currently out of code.


I bought 2 pieces of 8GB/256GB (it's enough) for €300, still a good price I think, and your coupons didn't work for me either, but only those from DHGate.


Today 17.2. the promo code has already expired


Don't know when the 512gb yellow color will be in stock again? I asked the seller directly, but he successfully ignores me.


When I enter the MI couponPOCOVIP40, write me: You already got this coupon.
However, I never used the coupon either.
What about that?


Great, this works, through Revolut it came out to €255, an excellent price!
Big thanks.

Juraj Berta

The next day I will try to buy this phone, but after the payment, which from my side goes well (I also called the bank), the problem is on the side of the payment terminal. the payment does not want to go through. Is there a problem? Could it be that even though the coupon is taken from me, the product is no longer available at this price? Meanwhile, I used the card to pay both domestic and international payments without problems. Thank you

Juraj Berta

Thank you, after sending the question I noticed information about Revolut in about 5 minutes. The phone is already ordered. I will probably use Revolut for other payments as well, it seems to be a smart thing. Thanks again.


Hello I bought from gshopper with free shipping over $159 I will pay customs. I am from Greece


Bought X6Pro from DHgate,
I haven't topped up my account.
How will the guarantee penalty be enforced in Slovenia


why would you need to repair the phone when every xiaomi warranty says that it is valid only in the country where the mobile phone is bought.
So as kupi ovaj sa njemačkog linka, dobit če njemačkoj garanciju iu njoj piše u kojm servisima u njemakoj može servisirati mobitel. There is no mention of Slovenia or other countries.


I ordered from a German warehouse and the parcel was damaged at customs (as they said). Refund made luckily.
I am very concerned to order again from dhgate. What if the parcel arrived damaged to me?


Good day. I have a question please. I ordered the 12+512gb version from Ali from the Spanish warehouse about 9 days ago and they still haven't sent it and they are writing to me that they have too much and that they will definitely send it. Can I be quiet? or do you have experience when they can send? Thank you

Jaroslav Mr

It can no longer be bought for €250