MIUI offers video playback from YouTube even after locking - Xiaomi Planet

Thanks to this feature in MIUI, you can also play music and videos from YouTube on the lock screen

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  1. Martin writes:

    Watch videos on the lock screen, so I'll see a lot 🤣

  2. Vlado writes:

    Great feature just when I have to have the region of India to work for me to unlock the face and there this thing absolutely does not work and I still do not want to switch regions. Xiaomi has become more and more angry.

  3. Miroslav writes:

    I want to ask is something also on video I would need it for my little son because he likes to watch the stories but it's small and toggles it on or off and so on. well thank you

  4. Adam writes:

    Another way to get information about you 😀 but I'm fine, at least they pay for it

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