Outdoor Xiaomi RAX sneakers can handle even the most demanding sports [COUPON]
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Updated coupons: The most beautiful outdoor Xiaomi RAX sneakers are suitable for both casual wear and sports

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Nice, but in that when I have a boy 46 🙂
Those children's Chinese shoe numbers from Xiaomi.


Exactly. Too bad they are not in a larger size 😭


If we were interested in a brand new number 44. I am already large, I have already ordered 43,


Hello, I would take the 44 and what is the price?


I have them for 1,5 years .. after the first 43km run, the sole on both shoes came off and it was dry. I taped Allen's chemoprene before I properly degreased it and hold. At that time I bought them for 41 €. They sit on your feet super no bruises just used glue on the sole nothing much!


I would be interested in 44


Hi, what size foot are you in cm?
Because I'm exactly thinking about 43 or 44, and according to the comments on Ali, I don't know at all - some wrote more, others less 🙂


Hi, I ordered but unfortunately I didn't get anything, the seller didn't respond to my questions so I hope I can at least get the payment.


If anyone has a size 44, I have brand new turquoise and black ones. They correspond to the numbering. I'm 43 and they were big for me, so I ordered 43 and it's great, great satisfaction. I will sell for €45


I bought them again after 2 years, as they initially lasted a few trail runs, but I had to glue them several times - sole, toe tread. But for this price, the knees are ok, but they are not comfortable for long runs. I bought them again about a month ago and after about 5 runs x 10 km, the sole was completely destroyed and the pattern was completely peeling off.... I do not recommend. They are about 40g lighter than the original version from 2 years ago and have a different inner insert.