MIUI 12 Review: New graphic superstructure from Xiaomi for 2020


[REVIEW] MIUI 12: New system from Xiaomi is better, inspiration from iOS can not be denied

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I'm all looking forward to the update on mi9t, but I want to ask, please, the comma down when using gestures can't be turned off? Visually it bothers me a lot, yes there is a great match with the iPhone but I would like it to be turned off and use gestures as they are now in miui11, I control those gestures and I do not need to have a navigation bar down as illiterate🤷🏾‍♂️ 🤷🏾♂️🤷🏾♂️🤷🏾♂️


I'm a little confused about that. So will there be a new camera app or not. You recently wrote that you didn't. And again, are we just talking about global miui, or just Chinese or both? You have a link there as to what devices will get it, but my note to me is only in the Chinese version.


I don't know why the author of the article writes intensively several times that the environment is inspired by iOS. Similar graphics are already there, they will only be slightly modified. IOS is such an incompatible (as safe) system that I don't mind comparing miui to iOS.


Yes, the indicator can be hidden, some gestures will then be adjusted.