Redmi Note 11 Pro + 5G finally in the EU: 120W charging, JBL speakers
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Aliexpress sales: Record price for 8+256 GB version in EU warehouse! Global Redmi Note 11 Pro+ 5G with 120W charging

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  1. michal writes:

    I did not find info on the site that it is a global version and absolutely nothing about LTE and 5G frequencies, e.g. B20

    1. Editorial writes:

      Of course, this is a global version… Goboo sells exclusively European models of all Xiaomi products. The phone supports all networks, has all languages, Google services. We have it from them for review at the moment.

  2. Michal writes:

    Too bad they no longer have the 256GB version available

    1. Editorial writes:

      It will definitely be later once the phone is properly stocked. Currently only pre-orders are running.

  3. Valentín writes:

    … Has already gone into a complaint. It turns off automatically and doesn't want to know SD cards…

  4. TT writes:

    Hello, I would just like to ask if you know a good supplier for the protective glass of the display, but also the cameras, for the given model? I searched on this same site where I ordered it from, but to no avail. Thank you in advance for your answer.


    1. Editorial writes:

      Hello, there is a lot on Aliexpress. We ordered from here and it fits perfectly

  5. shah writes:

    Will there still be a 256gb version, or is the production at the end?

  6. Boris writes:

    Good day. How is the warranty applied? Redmi note 11 pro+ 5G e.g. from a Czech warehouse? well thank you

    1. Editorial writes:

      Hello, your phone will be repaired at the Slovak VSP Data service. The warranty is first dealt with directly with the seller.

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