Redmi Note 11S officially: 108 MPx camera, AMOLED display and 33 W
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Last hours for €137 in EU warehouse for 6+128 GB version with 2-year warranty! Redmi Note 11S with 108 MPx camera and 5000 mAh battery

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I also like the note 8, I'm very happy these are great smartphones. I don't mind exchanging for t
Deadline 11, when it will be possible to buy


The upfront sale doesn't work yet.
Is it possible to buy in advance at all?
Do we have any eu coupons?


Currently it is only on Aliexpress and from there they do not send to Slovakia. Wait for other sellers to start selling later. Both Banggood and Goboo will have it.


So it's a pity that it is sent to SK. It's a good deal in that introductory event.
We will see what prices other stores give, but it will probably be as advantageous as it will not be in advance.
We will see. Any thanks for the info.


Will this phone be sold in Slovakia as well? (in Slovak e-shops or stores)


It's already on sale.


Noo but Redmi note 11s 8/128 does not have NFC !!!
It seems to me that versions 6/64 and 6/128 have NFC.


Good day. If I order it through DHgate, will the phone include the Slovak language? Thank you in advance for your answer


Hello, yes of course it is a global version with all languages.


Hello, how is the NFC? The seller's website (DHgate) says it has NFC.


Hello, we can't confirm at the moment, they sold the NFC version and later also delivered versions without NFC... now they should have a version with NFC again, but we don't know for 100%. Therefore, in the article we prefer to state that it does not have NFC.