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Redmi Note 13 4G with 256 GB memory and NFC in the EU warehouse: 108 Mpx camera, fingerprint sensor in the AMOLED display

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People don't fall for this scam. Nothing came to me and xiaomiplanet? Stop supporting these tillers……


Hello, we have already responded to your extremely rude and vulgar e-mail, where we are trying to help you. DHgate, that is, the sellers that we share on the web, are 100% reliable and we have verified them, as well as hundreds of satisfied customers. We certainly wouldn't share scams here…


I ordered specifically from this seller and everything was fine. The phone is at home


Hello, it would be good to write that they do not have NFC.


apparently they should have nfc


Hello, a new coupon would be found


Hello, we just posted the latest coupons.


Hello, does the model not have NFC?


Hello, the model on DHgate does not have NFC.


Xiaomi redmi note 13 4g does not have a fingerprint sensor in the display, it has it on the side button... they only have higher versions with 5g in the display
I personally also ordered with DH gate and no problem, fast delivery and everything went OK


He has it in the display 🙂comment image


Do you have it from your own experience or just from pictures somewhere on the web? Do you only want to have your truth? I say this from my own experience, I had the Xiaomi 13 4G in my hand, I was setting it up and it has a fingerprint sensor on the side button, even higher versions have it in the display ... this is how we mislead the public and people ... sorry, but nothing wrong


The "picture" you are talking about is directly from the official Xiaomi website. You can view the specifications right there they write that the fingerprint sensor is built into the display. Is the manufacturer lying? In addition, you mumble the model names, the Xiaomi 13 4G does not exist, maybe you had a completely different model?


We attach proof from a foreign review. A photo of the sensor setting, where you can clearly see that it is in the displaycomment image Here is the full review