RedmiBook 16: Premium design and new AMD Ryzen (COUPONS)

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Record coupon: RedmiBook 16 with Ryzen 5 and 16 GB RAM cheapened for an incredible € 552

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Bomb bomb, the only pity that it is missing the numeric part of the keyboard. With that display size, it's a shame. Places are plentiful there.


Beautiful design, perfect price considering the equipment, I would immediately take it with a Ryzen 7 4700U as a replacement for the current laptop, it's a shame, given its size, that it doesn't have a numeric keyboard. It's a great shame, without it, in my opinion, it's a laptop with perhaps "unnecessarily" high performance, which is more or less intended mainly for content consumption than for work.


That's exactly what I thought, a pity for the numerical part…


As far as I know, you can only buy a laptop with the Chinese language version of Windows. Change to sk / cz / en localization is not possible. A license with an appropriate language localization must be purchased and installed. As a result, it is necessary to purchase a separate Windows, which increases the price of the laptop.
If I am wrong, please correct and complete.


senior driving on route 67 recommends:
Windows has about 35 languages ​​since Vista, and users can use different languages ​​for individual user accounts. To reinstall win 10, all you need to do is read the spilled tea or look up the procedure on You Tube. The ISO itself must be downloaded from the Chinese Windows website and the entire reinstallation of the Czech language with the help of 1 piece of USB 8 GB does not take more than 1 hour.
I personally did it on RedmiBook 14 (Ryzen 8 GB / 512 GB) last February after buying NB on Banggood via the website with a discount of about CZK 11.500 …………
PS in our youth it was said: who knows, knows, who does not know carries a stroller ………….