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Record price through Banggood sales: Reepro IPL is an exceptionally high-quality hair remover from the Xiaomi ecosystem

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  1. Martin writes:

    Does this device remove white hair like blondes?

  2. Ladik writes:

    No IPL epilator can remove white hair. When hair does not have pigment, it cannot heat up and thus eliminate its growth !!! Still additional information is quite important - this is not a laser !!!, but only an IPL (pulsed light) !!!

  3. Editorial writes:

    Epilation with intense pulsed light is suitable for light types with dark to black hair (hair contains a lot of melanin and epilation is effective). On the contrary, it has low effectiveness in people with light blond, gray and white hairs (ie there is little melanin in the hair and there is no desired epilation) or redheads, and in women and men with very dark skin.

  4. Michal writes:

    An English manual can be downloaded somewhere. If so, I will ask for a link.

    1. Editorial writes:

      Unfortunately, the English manual does not exist, only translate Chinese through Google Translate using the camera in your phone.

  5. Peter writes:

    Can you at least publish the Chinese manual? Unfortunately I did not have it in the package… ..

    1. Editorial writes:

      We don't have access to the manuals, we're sorry. You must write to the seller.

  6. kexo writes:

    Can it also be used on hair?

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