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Really powerful Xiaomi 100 W car charger for a record price of only €20. It can also charge laptops

At its annual August conference, the Chinese Xiaomi presented the Mi 10 Ultra smartphone with support for the fastest 120 W battery charging to date. Fast charging also requires appropriate adapters, and the manufacturer thus introduced a really fast 100 W car charger. The latest stock…

Xiaomi has introduced three really powerful chargers for the Mi 10 Ultra. Among them is a 100 W car adapter

At its annual August conference, Xiaomi announced three new chargers in addition to new smartphones and a transparent TV. It is a wireless charging stand called Mi 55W Wireless Charging Stand, an intelligent 20 W charging pad for wireless charging of 2 devices…

Xiaomi's new flagship with ultra-fast 100 W charging has been certified

After countless leaks and speculations about the upcoming flagship, the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra, we finally got some of the more correct information. There is also continuity with the use of 100 W charging technology. Most likely, this smartphone is just…

100 W fast charging from Xiaomi is a bit closer to us. The leaked video is revealed by a massive adapter

The race to create a charger with the highest possible power continues. In November 2019, we received charging technology from Xiaomi with a power of up to 100 W. However, this Chinese giant is definitely not the only one trying to break…

Xiaomi's fastest 100W charging is not ready yet. These are the reasons

Back in March / March last year, Xiaomi revealed to us for the first time that he was working on another major technological innovation in the form of the world's fastest 100 W charging for smartphones. According to the manufacturer, a smartphone with a 4000 mAh battery should only be charged for za

Lei Jun: Xiaomi has not previously focused on fast charging, but now leads the field of wireless charging

Xiaomi's two top executives focused on fast charging technology as well as wireless fast charging. Trends are moving towards faster and faster charging, either by cable or wirelessly. How's Xiaomi? Xiaomi keeps pace with demand Lu Weibing, president of spoločnosti

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 is becoming more and more realistic: New photos and leaked specifications

When we announced the new Xiaomi Mi Note 10 smartphone a few days ago, we hardly believed that it could become a reality. Now, however, a photograph has appeared that more or less confirms that the Mi Note 10 can…

Xiaomi showed an insanely fast charging of smartphones. 4000 mAh recharges the battery in 17 minutes!

Xiaomi again surprised the technological world. As in the case of the video with a folding smartphone, this time out of nowhere they have published a video that demonstrates the latest technological shift in the company. This time, they demonstrated the fastest charging of smartphones in the world. Crazy 100 W Fast Charging In Chinese…




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