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Xiaomi has problems with the development of 200 W charging, the expected Xiaomi MIX 5 will receive "only" 150 W charging

The Chinese brand Xiaomi has been developing its ultra-fast 200 W charging for several years. You are sure to know devices with 67 W charging like the Xiaomi 11T or 120 W charging like the Xiaomi MIX 4. However, when developing an even faster and more efficient technology, there was…

Xiaomi introduces a crazy 200W HyperCharge charge that charges your smartphone in just 8 minutes!

Xiaomi has introduced a new extremely fast 200 W cable charger and 120 W wireless charger. The technology is called HyperCharge. This new technology can charge a battery with a capacity of 4000 mAh in an incredible 8 minutes. HyperCharge can do it wirelessly in just 15…




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