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Redmi 7 for less than 115 € offers equipment that we would not expect at this price

The cost-effective new Redmi 7 in the global version and all memory versions is fully on sale. And we know where to buy it at the best prices on the market along with the most convenient shipping. YOU NEED TO KNOW 11 BENEFITS OF BUYING GOODS FROM CHINA THROUGH…

Redmi Note 8 comes just 8 months after the predecessor's introduction, but still has significant improvements

Today is a big day for the Redmi brand. At the end of the summer, they prepared some significant news for us, which they had just presented at an official conference in China. We start with the Redmi Note 8 smartphone, a new generation of the popular affordable model from Redmi, which is coming…

New charge of official information about Redmi K20. We also received the first official photograph!

The official introduction of the highly anticipated Redmi K20 smartphone is irresistibly approaching. As early as May 28th / May, we will see a new king in relative price and performance, which is also called the 2.0 flagship killer. The closer we are to the show, the…

Redmi 7 comes with uncompromising performance and price. He got a camera from the former flagship from Xiaomi

As announced, the Redmi brand, under the auspices of Xiaomi, introduced new products in China today. First Redmi Note 7 Pro, which we already know, later Redmi 7, which we expected. Like Redmi Note 7 at the January performance, aj

Redmi 7 will be a great cheap smartphone. The leaked videos revealed specifications and price

Redmi has really had enough of this year, and that's only March. At the beginning of the year, it became an independent brand, introducing the top Redmi Note 7 and a few days ago its more equipped version, Redmi Note…

The best cheap smartphone you can get: Dual camera, pure Android and 4000 mAh battery for 127 €

If you are looking for an affordable smartphone that offers the best in its category, you don't have to. The solution comes from the well-known company Xiaomi and its Mi A2 Lite model. Although not a novelty, it is now experiencing its best times thanks to perhaps the lowest price,…




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