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Alza surprises again: the game Black Shark and the top Mi MIX 3 offer extremely advantageous

The largest Czech-Slovak e-shop Alza definitely does not need to be introduced. However, the e-shop, which is often described as the most expensive, has already managed to surprise us with its actions many times. The last time this happened was at the beginning of May, when Black Friday launched a sale on Xiaomi smartphones. More advantageous than from China…

Alza launched May Black Friday on Xiaomi products. It surprises with extremely interesting prices

Black Friday in May ?! It's just Alza. It seems that Alza has a traditional November discount holiday almost all year round. But now you should really sharpen, as the prices of Xiaomi products are unconventional for this seller. Such prices…

Alza published Xiaomi Mi 9 and Redmi Note 7. We will pay so much in Slovakia and the Czech Republic

Many Slovaks and Czechs are impatiently waiting for the flagship Xiaomi Mi 9. And with the publication of official European awards, more have been added. You can find extra content about Xiaomi on our social networks Facebook Instagram The manufacturer was very pleasantly surprised and Mi…




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