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Nextool 4TOOL ED20 is a powerful mini flashlight with 2200 lm and afterglow up to 270 meters. He gets the latest coupon

Xiaomi brings a new compact flashlight under the Nextool brand called Nextool 4TOOL ED20. It offers afterglow up to 270 meters, up to 4800 mAh battery and also a great price. Great price with a coupon If you are considering buying a new compact flashlight marked…

Nextool 4TOOL ED10 became cheaper at a record € 15. It is miniature and has an afterglow of up to 200 meters

Nextool, as a partner brand of the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi, brings its cheapest LED flashlight. It is very cheap and lights up to 200 meters. Low price at international retailer You can order the new Nextool flashlight marked 4TOOL ED10 through an international retailer…

Great Xiaomi Nextool flashlight 3 in 1 turns into a lamp and an external battery. It has a low price

In cooperation with the partner brand NexTool, Xiaomi brings to the market a great multifunctional device that combines three different functions in one. It is primarily a hand-held flashlight that can serve as lighting as well as a power bank. Low price Handy Xiaomi Nextool 3…




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