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The best-selling Xiaomi Nextool flashlight with a brightness of 2200 lm illuminates at 380 meters. After a long time again in the CZ warehouse

From time to time, Xiaomi brings really interesting partner brand gadgets through its e-commerce platform YouPin Store. Now comes the interesting and powerful Xiaomi Nextool XPH50 flashlight, which shines a total of up to 380 meters. In stock again in the Czech Republic Xiaomi Nextool XPH50.2…

Xiaomi NexTool 6 in 1 flashlight has an afterglow of 240 m, up to 6 different functions and a low price of only 22 €

Under the wings of the well-known and premium manufacturer NexTool, belonging to the Xiaomi Youpin ecosystem, a new durable NexTool 6 in 1 flashlight with many functions and a very attractive price has appeared. From its equipment, it offers remote afterglow, a variety of functions, including an alarm and…

Great Xiaomi Nextool flashlight 3 in 1 turns into a lamp and an external battery. It has a low price

In cooperation with the partner brand NexTool, Xiaomi brings to the market a great multifunctional device that combines three different functions in one. It is primarily a hand-held flashlight that can serve as lighting as well as a power bank. Low price Handy Xiaomi Nextool 3…

[REVIEWS] Powerful Xiaomi Nextool Torch with 380 meters afterglow has high quality in reality

Xiaomi sometimes surprises and in cooperation with partner brands also brings an unconventional type of product. One of the practical helpers is the Xiaomi Nextool flashlight XPH50. The new flashlight from Xiaomi with a light range of up to 380 meters and a high-quality metal construction




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