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Xiaomi wireless charger with a power of up to 55 W now available at a special price through Aliexpress sales

Wireless smartphone charging is becoming more and more popular and it could be said that it is the music of the future. Although it is still not as efficient as cable, charging performance is constantly increasing. Even the wireless ones. The proof of this is also the wireless Xiaomi charger...

Xiaomi introduced a wireless charger with up to 19 coils inside. It charges multiple devices and works all over the desktop

Yesterday, Xiaomi presented several expected news. It has officially introduced the Mi 11 Pro and Mi 11 Ultra smartphones, as well as the Mi 11 Lite, which will fight in the strong middle class. We also saw a new smart bracelet, the successor to the Mi… series.

Latest coupons: Xiaomi 20 W wireless chargers, powerful 27 W adapter and 10 mAh power bank

This year's presentation of the flagship Xiaomi Mi 9 also brought other interesting products. As the Mi 9 comes with the fastest wireless charging at up to 20 watts, Xiaomi has also introduced the appropriate chargers to achieve these values. All wireless chargers at a discount Between…

The futuristic wireless charger from Xiaomi, which has crazy about the technological world, receives a coupon

In August 2020, Xiaomi, along with the new Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra smartphone, also introduced an unconventional wireless charger called the Xiaomi Mi Smart Tracking Charging Pad. Since its release, it has launched a smaller rundown in the technology world. More and more well-known tech influencers add…

This is a 20 W vertical wireless charger from Xiaomi with a low price. It will please not only the owner of the Mi 9 smartphone

Are you also looking for the perfect accessory for your smartphone? The solution can be a practical and stylish wireless charger from the Xiaomi workshop. It offers a simple design, power up to 20 W and also a low price now also with the use of our discount coupon. Price only 18 euros.

Xiaomi introduced a vertical 30W wireless charger and a super-powerful 50W power bank

Today is a day that many Xiaomi fans have been waiting for. Several innovations were presented at a press conference in China. Among the novelties, there was also a vertical wireless charger and a third-generation power bank with proper performance. We have already written about products…

[REVIEW] Xiaomi VH thermo mug is the most intelligent mug we've ever seen

An interesting gadget was delivered to our editorial office, under which, as usual, the Xiaomi brand was signed. Perhaps our readers will find fans of unusual devices, which sometimes appear among a number of conventional technological products. We decided to test the unconventional Xiaomi VH thermo…

Along with Mi 9, three great gadgets have been introduced that have not been much talked about but should be

At this morning's conference, which focused mainly on the introduction of new flagships, Xiaomi also presented three great gadgets. They didn't pay much attention to them, but they are definitely worth our interest. Three great wireless chargers with low prices. Extra content about Xiaomi…




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