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DDPAI Dash Cam Mini 5 is a top 4K car camera. It has a built-in 64 GB memory and costs only € 79 in EU storage

Are you looking for an affordable car camera with top resolution? Today we will present the DDPAI Dash Cam Mini 5 model, which has up to 4K resolution and will also offer 64 GB of storage in its equipment. In addition to the advantageous price with a discount coupon,…

FullHD car camera DDPAI miniONE Dash Cam in Polish stock costs only 39 €

Xiaomi offers a new car camera - DDPAI miniONE Dash Cam. It is manufactured by the well-established company DDPAI, which has been on the car camera market since 2013. Xiaomi believes in their products so much that it supports the brand through its…




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