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Redmi K30 Ultra surprises: 120 Hz AMOLED display, high performance and price from 245 €

Xiaomi has just introduced their new flagship smartphone under the Redmi brand. This is the Redmi K30 Ultra, which is the most powerful of the Redmi family. It offers a powerful MediaTek Dimensity 1000+ processor, a large 6,67 “AMOLED display with a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz, fast…

The new powerful Redmi smartphone is to come with a Dimensity 1000+ processor and a 120 Hz OLED display

It is clear to everyone that Xiaomi and Redmi will bring inflated flagships this year. We have already written about the upcoming smartphone from Xiaomi, but the latest leaks concern Redmi. New from Redmi should bring premium parameters, which…

Xiaomi and Redmi work on a smartphone with a MediaTek Dimensity 1000+ processor and a 144 Hz display

A few days ago, we reported on the leaks of a new Redmi smartphone via an article. The device had the working name Redmi Karna and according to the available information, the smartphone should have a 144 Hz display, a Mediatek Dimensity 1000+ processor and a 64 MPx IMX686 sensor. Recent leaks these…




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